16 Kids Who Look Just Like Their Famous Moms Did When They Were Young

Image: Celebrity Monitor/Splash News

shiloh jolie pitt
Celebrity Monitor/Splash News

Being a Hollywood kid comes with a lot of benefits, least of which is an amazing set of genes. (Let's not even talk about the mansions, private chefs, and private jets later.) The resemblance between some celebrity moms and their offspring, however, is eerie. They look like such doppelgangers that we almost wonder what kind of wizardry is going on behind closed doors in Hollywood.

It almost makes us do a double-take when we see these little kids. I mean, seriously, look at Shiloh Jolie-Pitt and Giovanna LaValle. They're total spitting images of their parents -- you might think you just time-traveled. Is this a sign from fate that these little kids should also follow in their mothers' footsteps and aim to become famous celebrities? Maybe stardom really does run in people's bloodlines. 

We can only wonder what these little kid are going to look like once they're all grown up.  

Click through for some famous kids who look just like their moms did as children. 

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