Jaime King Is Latest Target of 'Skinny While Pregnant' Haters

Jamie King Pregnant

They are at it again. Jaime King is the latest celebrity to have her pregnant body dissected and discussed in the media. This time, it's not for gaining too much -- it's because she's maintained her slender build throughout her pregnancy and some concern-trolling jerks are questioning whether she's eating enough to stay healthy while carrying her child. 


And to that I say, give me a break. A pregnant woman's weight gain should be a matter of discussion only with her doctor. Everyone needs to lay off pregnant celebs and pregnant "normals," as it's absolutely no one else's business how much (or how little) weight they gain.

Jaime was quoted recently in American Baby magazine about her pregnant frame. She says, "People have made comments about how I'm too thin and need to eat a sandwich." She goes on to say that she has seen other pregnant celebs shamed for gaining too much (Kim Kardashian and Jessica Simpson come to mind) and notes how every woman's body is different. We are right there with you, Jaime. All women carry differently, and some might have gained more than they appear while others may have gained less. Regardless, none of this should be scrutinized by the general public, as no one truly knows all the information. 

When the media goes into a frenzy over the appearance of a pregnant celeb, it is body-shaming whether it's for being too small or too big. Some say that celebrities, by way of their fame, open themselves up to this sort of scrutiny, but that is entirely ridiculous. Just because a woman is famous doesn't mean it's open season for the world to criticize her body and question her commitment to giving birth to a healthy baby. It's out-of-bounds for the media to speculate at length on a pregnant celeb's diet and exercise. It is a private matter that doesn't belong in the news.

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And not that it makes a difference, but Jaime looks perfectly healthy to me! She has a big, beautiful baby bump and happens to have slender limbs. She is not gaunt, she doesn't look ill. There is no reason other than pure cruelty to comment on her physique in a negative way. I've known many pregnant friends to have the same kind of build while pregnant, and they give birth to perfectly healthy babies. Then there are smaller women like me with shorter torsos who gain 25 pounds but look as though it's twice that.

No one should judge a pregnant woman's weight gain for a number of reasons, but the biggest one -- and at the end of the day, the only one that matters -- is that it's none of their business.


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