Jessa & Anna Duggar Compare Baby Bumps: Whose Is Bigger?! (PHOTO)

This is the year of Duggar grandbabies, or so it seems. Jill gave birth to Israel David earlier this year, and now Anna and Jessa are both waiting patiently for their turns. But Anna's wait is just about over (she just slipped past her due date this weekend), so Jessa took the opportunity to get a Duggar sisters preggo photo while she still could.


Annnnd naturally, the results are way too adorable for us to handle:

Well, sweet Anna is now past her due date! First time she has ever gone "late" instead of early! Here she is with our...

Posted by Duggar Family Official on Sunday, July 12, 2015

Back in March, Anna and Josh announced that Baby #4 is going to be a girl, and we can't wait to see which adorable 'M' name they choose this time around. Melanie? Madison? Michaela? Michelle, after her grandma? UGH, there are too many good options!!

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Jessa is 23 weeks along this week, and no word yet on gender from her. It sounds like they're going to keep us waiting until November 1, which is like, painfully far away. We're DYING to know.

But! At least we'll have Josh and Anna's new daughter to obsess over in the mean time. Anna went into labor early with all of her other babies, so here's to hoping that we'll meet the newest Duggar sometime this week!


Image via Duggar Family Official/Facebook


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