Carrie Underwood Breaks Car Window After 4-Month-Old Locked Inside

carrie underwood

Accidentally locking your baby in the car (particularly during the hot summer months) is every mom's worst nightmare -- and as Carrie Underwood's recent tweet proves, even celeb parents aren't immune to this horrifyingly unfortunate occurrence! 


The 32-year-old country singer apparently had a super-scary moment this Saturday when Underwood's dogs managed to lock the car doors with 4-month-old son Isaiah still inside.

With little Isaiah, the pups, and all of her belongings locked inside her automobile, Underwood didn't wait for a locksmith to come along and free her family -- she went old-school DIY and broke the car window! (Okay, actually her brother-in-law broke the car window. But still!)

Oh. My. Freaking. God. Can you imagine the terror?! As a mother of three, I can imagine it only too well. (Somehow I've managed to escape this horrible fate thus far in my parenting life, but I can totally see how it happens -- and in the blink of an eye, too.)

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Underwood must have been absolutely losing it when she realized the doors were locked! Thank God she had the presence of mind (and a brother-in-law with a rock or some other heavy object) to find a fast solution, even if she did end up damaging her car in the process. Hey, windows can be fixed.

I'm guessing that from now on, Underwood probably won't step foot outside her car with the dogs and baby still inside. Not that this was her fault at all -- dogs locking doors! What a crazy fluke. Unless Underwood has genius pets. But in that case, they probably could've unlocked the doors too.

Have you ever locked your baby in the car by accident?


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