Ashton Kutcher's Way of Bonding With Baby Is Also the Best News for Mila Kunis

ashton kutcher mila kunisWho would have thought that Ashton Kutcher would be superdad? Okay, okay -- we kind of knew it. He seems to be just the right mix of silly and serious that is perfect when parenting. And Mila Kunis let us in on a little secret that proves he's great at being papa. She opened up about the incredible way that Ashton bonds with their baby Wyatt, and it's something I think all dads should do no matter what.


Mila, in an interview with the Telegraph, said:

My husband is an incredibly hands-on dad. When my child was born, I was breastfeeding and he said, 'That's your connection, I want to change every diaper.'

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Diaper changing is a bonding experience. It's incredibly intimate -- in its own way. Sure, it's not the beautiful hormone-fueled bonding a mother experiences when breastfeeding, but for the non-breastfeeding parent, it's truly the next best thing you can do. It doesn't have to be grunt work either. Think about it: Being in a stinky wet diaper has got to be the worst feeling -- that's why babies cry when their diaper is soiled. Babies can't change their own diaper, so the person who does? Hero status immediately. There's the bond. I bet Ashton makes the whole process fun, too. He probably sings, coos, and makes the cutest faces for his 9-month-old daughter.

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When the other parent changes the diaper, the bond isn't just between dad and child either. It's also between mom and dad. Sharing the duties (doodies) that comes with parenting is a huge thing when it comes to raising a child. And when both parents are actively involved, it builds even more respect and love between them, and for their family.

I just love the Kutchers!

What do you think of Ashton being such a hands-on dad? Isn't it so great when the other parent shares the duties, too? It should be law.

Image via Jeff Serpa/Press Line Photos/Splash News

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