Hilaria Baldwin Censors Her Own Cosleeping Photo

Breastfeeding is a completely natural act. While women should be free to post pictures online of themselves breastfeeding if they want to, at the same time no one should feel pressured to do so. Celebrity mom Hilaria Baldwin may breastfeed, but if Baldwin's recently censored Instagram picture is any indication, she's not comfortable doing it in public.


Instagram is known for its controversial censorship policy. Justin Bieber can post a nearly nude selfie with impunity, but a female posting a photo that reveals even a hint of nipple is forbidden. Some celebrities have challenged the policy, but not Baldwin.

She recently posted a beautifully candid photo of herself snoozing with her two children, but the photo is drawing attention over the fact that she willingly censored out her exposed breast before posting it:

Baldwin is a great example of a woman who is unapologetic about her life choices. She's proven in the past that she's unafraid to live life on her own terms and that despite her role in the public eye, she does what she wants to. If she's choosing to censor her breast out of a photo before posting it online, we can assume it's because she wants to, not because she feels like she must.

The distinction is important because as women push for society to be more accepting of breastfeeding in public and the naked female form in general, we need to respect the fact that even if the public gets to the point where seeing a boob is no biggie, a woman still has the right to cover up if she wants too. 

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Images like the one Baldwin posted are inspiring to mothers. She's passed out, mouth open, no makeup, a boob sticking out. So many of the typical images we see of celebrity moms -- and even Baldwin's own photos show pristine white bed sheets -- have smiling kids and not a single stretch mark anywhere in sight.

Pictures like the censored one Baldwin posted that show motherhood for what it really is are a gentle reminder for us to laugh in the face of difficult moments, to not be too hard on ourselves if things aren't Pinterest-perfect. When a mom in the public eye counters her curated family photos with a snap like this, it's a nudge and wink that we're all in in this together.

Instead of a conversation about how much flesh we can see, why not focus on the bigger message this picture sends? We should be applauding Baldwin's efforts to be realistic, not fixating on her apparent modesty.

Would you be comfortable posting an uncensored photo online?

Image via hilariabaldwin/Instagram

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