Jeff Goldblum's Baby Name Is Bound to Make Waves

jeff goldblum

Actor Jeff Goldblum is a dad! At the ripe old age of 62, no less, with his wife, Emilie Livingston, who's 32 (in case you're wondering). And they've given him a name that really bowls us over: Charlie Ocean


Charles means "grown man," but the pet form Charlie makes this name sweet and endearing. It has many kid-friendly forebearers including Charlie of Chocolate Factory fame, Charlie Brown, and not to mention Charlie Sheen and Charlie Parker.

And lest Charlie feels too diminutive or plain, Ocean is the perfect counterbalance in that it conjures up images of a vast, powerful, ever-shifting body of water ... and waves crashing on the shore ... and sand between our toes ... honestly now, what could be better? Few things in life have such powerful and pleasant connotations as the ocean.

Plus, little Charlie's name will be following in the footsteps of R&B star Billy Ocean. Actor Forest Whitaker even used it as a first name for his son, Ocean Alexander.

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Middle names never get as much attention as first names, but we think this middle moniker is a great place to think outside of the box. Because since this name may not crop up in everyday conversation, it's a wild card kids can keep up their sleeve -- or pull out as an awesome nickname if they want to be called something with a bit more panache.

So all in all we'd say Jeff has great taste in names! It's such a great combo: endearing yet powerful; familiar but also exotic.

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