Real Housewives' Lisa Hochstein Welcomes Baby a Month Before Due Date

lisa hochstein real housewives baby

If you're at all familiar with The Real Housewives of Miami, you know that Lisa Hochstein has been through a LOT to have kids. Well, the moment has arrived -- and sooner than we were all thinking! She and husband Lenny just welcomed their baby boy, Logan, a month early.


The news is especially momentous given Lisa and her husband have struggled with infertility. After three miscarriages and four failed IVF attempts, she hired a surrogate to carry her and hub's biological child.

And clearly little Logan was eager to meet his mom, since he arrived a month before his due date! According to Lisa's Instagram account, she says: "Craziest day of my life. #july3 Logan decided to come a month early!"

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Having a baby arrive early must be scary -- especially a whole month early. Given all this couple has been through so far, it must have been so nerve-racking to think they were in the final stretch of a very long marathon ... and then to experience a curveball like this in the 11th hour.

But that's the thing about birth -- babies just aren't much for keeping a schedule, you know? They arrive early, late, whenever they dang well please.

And thank God, in this case, baby Logan is doing well.

"Perfect, healthy, most beautiful baby boy!" Lisa continued. "I'm in love!"

What a relief and joy that baby is healthy and that this couple's fertility journey has ended on such a happy note!

Did your baby arrive early, late, or just on time?


Image via lisahochstein/Instagram

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