Hilaria Baldwin's Incredible Shrinking Baby Bump Is Her Postpartum Journey, Not Yours

hilaria baldwinI'm not going to get annoyed with Hilaria Baldwin for posting gorgeous post-pregnancy selfies showing her incredible shrinking baby bump. This is my mantra. I need to repeat it 100 times. Over and over again. She gave birth to baby number two on June 17. And now just a mere two weeks later, Hilaria is showing of her postpartum belly. It's astonishing.


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She's quite lovely. And I love how healthy and happy she looks. (Is this all thanks to yoga? I need to start doing yoga again.) But she is proof that we all have very different postpartum experiences. We all need to remember that. No two moms are the same -- in other words, do not measure your postpartum belly to this photo. (Repeat. New mantra.)

I am not going to take away from Hilaria either. She looks amazing. This is her unique journey, and it should be documented and shared. I love that she has done just that. We should all be so proud of ourselves for creating life. We should all marvel in the ways our bodies so beautifully morph during pregnancy and how it magically changes after baby is born. There is no "perfect" measure. We all have our own experience on how fast or slow the changes happen. There is no one-size-fits-all here. Please, remember that.

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We all should celebrate each mom's experience. We need not take away from one woman's journey because it's not the same as our own, or the norm. We are all beautiful, honoring our bodies and abilities. Let's instead celebrate our differences.

How do you feel about Hilaria's photos?


Image via hilariabaldwin/Instagram

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