Jessa Duggar's Baby Bump Has Totally Popped (PHOTO)

jessa duggar baby bump selfie

Yet another baby bump selfie from Jessa Duggar! The mom-to-be posted her latest photo of her pregnant belly on Twitter. This time, she's at 22 weeks and three days, and curvier than ever.


Plus, she shared with her fans that by her doctor's best estimates, baby Seewald now weighs over a pound! Go ahead and take a look at the cute photo below:

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While her sister Jill did more formal baby bump pics -- same pose, same background -- Jessa seems to be winging it more. Jessa's 20-week baby bump pic appeared to be taken in a closet; this one is clearly in a more public part of her home.

So, clearly Jessa is not stressing too much about these baby bump photos, and just taking them as the mood strikes!

And it must be comforting and exciting to know your baby has graduated from ounces to pounds. That's a sign that baby Seewald is growing well -- something every mom likes to know.

How often did you take baby bump selfies?


Image via JessaSeewald/Twitter

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