Tamera Mowry's Baby Name Sounds Like a Song

tamara mowry and adam hously

The Real co-host Tamera Mowry gave birth to her second baby with husband Adam Housley -- and this one's a girl! Plus the couple has given her a very lyrical, feminine name: Ariah Talea.


Ariah, more often spelled as Aria, is a light, pretty song -- which makes for a lyrical, graceful name. Plus it has a nice rhythm with Talea, a variation of Talia -- which is Hebrew for "dew from heaven." So all in all I think this is a lovely, feminine name for a girl!

Plus, these are unusual spellings of unusual names ... so we doubt this girl will ever run into anyone with this moniker. So, she's guaranteed to stand out!

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Ariah will be joining her 2-year-old brother Aden. Ariah, Aden, not to mention dad Adam ... is this couple into matching A-names? Could be possible, especially given Tamera has a twin sis named Tia, which sounds pretty matchy matchy to me!

Whatever the motivation behind the name of their most recent addition to their family, we love it -- and are excited for the couple! Congrats! 

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