Derick Dillard's Future Plans for Israel Could Cause Trouble With the Duggars

derick dillard baby israel pawpaw

Even though baby Israel is still, well, a baby, Derick Dillard has big plans for his son's education that could really rile the Duggars up: One day, Derick wants Israel to attend a ... gasp ... REAL college.


In a recent Instagram post, Derick wrote the caption "3 generations of Dillard," showing Israel, Derick, and Pawpaw.

Then, as an aside, he slips in the clincher: "At this rate Israel's going to be playing college basketball like his great-grandpa," Derick said.

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Some background: Derick went to college at Oklahoma State University, and has hinted before that he'd like his son to follow in his footsteps. Yet no one in his wife Jill Duggar’s family has ever attended a secular college, preferring to school their kids at home.

Only one Duggar, Joseph, left home for college at the Crown College of the Bible -- where he's pursuing a biblical studies degree. So, that's a far cry from what I envision at Oklahoma State (beer pong, anyone?).

But I think it's great that Derick is open to his kid's going to college someday. Because only by seeing the world and other views can kids attain free will and decide for themselves what beliefs and traditions to accept and reject from their own family.

If they force Israel to stay home when he wants to go, it will backfire badly. Israel will run off and become a bartender with three different baby mamas. So, I say good for Derick for wanting to expand his child's horizons!

What do you think will happen to baby Israel if he goes off to college? 


Image via derickdillard/Instagram

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