Jennifer Garner Takes Unusual Measures to Protect Kids in Wake of Divorce

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While the divorce of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner has us all reeling, new details have emerged about their arrangements that might make you scratch your head. Namely: Ben and Jen will live on the same property to make things easier on their kids.


Wow! Given their kids -- Violet, 9, Seraphina, 6, and Samuel, 3 -- are so young, I get why they're planning to stick it out on the same estate, although not in the same house. Because divorce is terrifying to kids, so I commend them for attempting to co-parent in such close proximity.

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Still, though, I'm not sure this would work for all divorcing couples. Because think about it: What about the day Ben brings home a lady friend -- or Jen some new amour? If the kids spot it, what will they think?

Or what if Jen or Ben spot their interloper skulking around? Even if they've split up, that could spark some nasty pangs of jealousy and friction between the couple. And look, they live a mere stone's throw away ... so what's to stop Ben or Jen from actually throwing something at their ex–significant other -- and then what if their kids see that?

While studies show that kids are better off keeping both parents in their lives after divorce, kids also need to be protected from the friction and drama that may inevitably still erupt at times between their parents.

So while I commend Ben and Jen for doing the right thing, I sure hope their homes aren't too close for comfort.

Do you think it's good for divorcing couples to live so close together?


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