Did Lingerie Model Sarah Stage Photoshop Her Perfect Post-Baby Photos?

You remember Sarah Stage, right? She caused quite the stir a few months ago by having the audacity to show off her six-pack abs while being eight months pregnant. She's done it again -- posting an Instagram photo of herself looking just a little too good two months postpartum, and the haters are out in droves accusing her of using Photoshop to make herself appear a bit slimmer.


Not that she'd need too, sheesh! She's freaking gorgeous already! Anyway, the beautiful mama posted this pic to Instagram a few days ago and captioned it, "I can't believe he's already 16 lbs!"

I can't believe he's already 16lbs! � AUSSIE TAN by my fav @bondisands �

A photo posted by �SARAH STAGE� (@sarahstage) on

She also looks like she weighs about 16 pounds, amirite? But hey, she's a lingerie model. She's paid to have a perfect figure!

Of course the comments started immediately, with people calling her out for Photoshopping the picture before posting it to the social media site. Critics pointed to baby James's oddly turned foot as proof, as well as the odd-looking bump on her thigh.

One person wrote, "I so supported your page thinking you were a great motivation for fitness ... then I saw this Photoshopped picture! Can we please stop worshipping women who Photoshop themselves and represent unrealistic standards ... Unless of course you do have a tumor in your leg, then I hope for your speedy recovery!"

OK, I admit that I snorted at that. As a response, Stage reposted her photo, saying, "When you're sharing a pic of a relaxing pool day with your son and people are concerned with your thigh shadow/pudge/skin."

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She's calling it a shadow, and of course it could be just that. But you have to admit, it does look a tad touched up in that area. But as a mom, and a model at that, doesn't she have the right to do whatever she wants to boost her confidence?

I've totally shared Photoshopped images of myself in a bikini before. People who know me know what I look like, and know that I have no problem rocking a two-piece at the beach or pool -- mommy pudge under my belly button, stretch marks, and all. But when it comes to the Internet, I only want flattering pictures, dang it!

Isn't that our right as moms? Aren't we always going on about building our confidence, having the right to own and represent our own bodies, etc.? If we're not allowed to Photoshop, does that mean we're not allowed to wear Spanx anymore either? Paint our nails? Color our hair? After all, we wouldn't want to "misrepresent" ourselves.

Who cares. Sarah Stage may have altered her image, or maybe that leg bump is a weird shading issue. Who knows? And more importantly, who cares? It's her right to do what she wants without people jumping down her throat for being fake.

Do you think Sarah Stage Photoshopped her picture?


Image via sarahstage/Instagram

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