Bristol Palin Gets Pregnancy Support From the One Person Who Matters Most

Levi JohnstonBetween her decision to call off her wedding to Dakota Meyer just last month and last week's surprise pregnancy announcement, Bristol Palin has been in the media spotlight a lot recently. Many exes would use announcements like this as an opportunity to throw some major shade at their former lovers, but Levi Johnston, Palin's ex-fiancé and father to son Tripp, 6, has chosen to take the high road. Johnston has spoken out in support of Palin's news about baby number two, vowing to help her in any way he can.


Although Johnston and Palin have previously battled in court over custody of their shared son, they appear to be in a good place now. Johnston has a 2-year old daughter with his wife, Sunny Oglesby, and has nothing but good things to say about Palin's own parenting skills, calling her a "great mom." Not only are Palin and Johnston young, but as celebrities they have the added pressure of their words about each other being recorded and distributed worldwide. It would be easy for Johnston to use Palin's circumstances as an excuse to air his grievances against her or try to employ the situation as leverage in getting custody of their son, but he's not. To see a dad supporting the mother of his child like this despite their history is a great thing on so many levels.

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Even if a marriage or relationship fails, there's no escaping the fact that co-parenting is for life. The courts no longer have a say in what happens once a child turns 18, but parents still have to interact long after their child becomes an adult. Milestone moments like graduations, weddings, birthday parties, and even the birth of grandchildren mean that having a baby with someone ties you to them for life. When parents are able to follow Johnston's example and support each other after a breakup, it's better for everyone involved.

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It's not easy to interact with and make major decisions regarding your child with a person you're no longer dating or married to. Relationships end for a reason, and even the best breakups can carry resentment and unresolved issues. But as hard as it may be to try to separate the past from what's happening now, to remove your former romantic relationship from your current role as parents, it's the better parenting move.

When you disparage your ex or argue in front of your child, you're not doing anything but hurting your own kid. Children know they are one half of each parent, and when you insult your child's parent, you insult them as well. Even if you're unable to be friendly with your ex, trying to at least be civil can go a long way. If memories of the good times between you an your ex aren't enough to make you play nice, then do it for the sake of your child.

It's wonderful to see Johnston is doing the mature thing by putting his son first. Hopefully this will be a situation where having a measure of celebrity will inspire others to be more thoughtful and considerate in their own dealings with a co-parent.

What do you think of Johnston's decision to support Palin through her pregnancy?

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