Denise Richards Fights Back Against Charlie Sheen's Parenting Attack

charlie sheen

Charlie Sheen has a lot of nerve calling his ex Denise Richards the "worst mom alive." The reason? She recently put him in his place by revealing he hasn't seen his kids in months. Months!


This disturbing news surfaced after Charlie unleashed a Twitter tirade against Denise, which his rep tried to justify by saying Charlie was "upset" that Denise had declined his invitation to bring their two daughters -- Sam, 11, and Lola, 10 -- to see him in Mexico.

Yet according to a source close to Richards, "Charlie hasn't seen his daughters in about two months. And he had no plans to be in town for Father's Day. There was no invite for Denise or the kids for them to join him in Mexico."

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If it's true that Charlie has willfully not seen his own kids for months, then he's the biggest hypocrite ever by slamming Denise's parenting skills in any way. After all, he's checked out of parenthood completely!

And although I generally think kids of divorce are better off having relationships with both parents, this is one case where I'm thinking, hmm, maybe those kids are better off not being exposed to his craziness.

Charlie, get some help, please, before you mess up your kids even more than you probably have already.

Do you think Charlie Sheen's kids are better off not seeing him?


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