'Real Housewives' Joe Giudice Is Ready to Put His Kids Back on TV

joe and teresa giudice

Former Real Housewives star Teresa Giudice may be behind bars for fraud, but that's not stopping her family from being on TV. Her husband Joe and their four daughters will soon star in a new reality show on Bravo. Hello, Real Househusbands of New Jersey!


Which makes sense: Given Teresa is serving 15 months and Joe is on his own caring for four daughters, odds are pretty good they need money! So it's not surprising he'd shill his daughters out for a few more bucks.

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And while I don't like the idea of patronizing a couple convicted of fraud, to play devil's advocate, I do like the idea of seeing how a dad raises his kids, rather than moms.

So many questions: Do they order pizza every night? Is the house a wreck? Or did this dad rise to the challenge of parenthood now that Mom is no longer there to hold things together? Could be fun to tune in and see.

My husband, as a kid, lived with his stepdad for a few years, and they lived like savages. That is, before his stepdad started dating a woman who straightened them all out. I'm not saying all men are slobs, but still, when I think of how my home and kid would look if I weren't here ... I shudder. My husband still puts my daughter's clothes on backwards, for god's sake.

All in all, it'll be interesting to see whether Joe has mastered raising four kids on his own.

Will you watch this show?


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