Jaden Smith Explains His Batman Costumes as Only Jaden Smith Would

Jaden Smith BatmanYou remember those pictures that were all over the internet of Jaden Smith in a Batman costume? The 16-year-old is opening up on his reasons behind wearing the now infamous white superhero suit to events such as his prom and Kim Kardashian's wedding to Kanye West.

Smith, who was recently named one of GQ's "20 Most Stylish Men Alive," says his decision to wear the Batman costume was made to both heighten his experiences at his prom and the wedding and to enable him to keep the guests safe (We're fairly confident there was plenty of security at the Kardashian/West wedding, but then again, no one got hurt, so maybe Smith is on to something). As for his overall style, Smith claims he has been trying different looks since he was a young child. In speaking of why he chooses to dress as he does he told GQ: "I'm just expressing how I feel inside, which is really no particular way because everyday it changes how I feel about the world and myself." 
It's reflection of Smith's loving and supportive upbringing by parents Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith that he's so completely unafraid to express himself through clothing. All teenagers have to navigate learning self-confidence, body acceptance and finding their own style, but as a celebrity child Smith's actions are under even more of a microscope. Seeing yourself plastered on the internet while strangers weigh in with their opinions about your appearance could understandably lead to a teen to conform and dress in ways that wouldn't draw attention, so it's great that his parents have encouraged him to be himself and have shown him how to let any negativity roll off his back. 
It's refreshing to finally see a young boy being praised for his appreciation for fashion, as far too often we assume only girls care about what they wear. Even if a young boy is interested in clothing, there aren't many young male role models who will admit to caring about clothes and how they look, so hopefully Smith's example will lead to more young men admitting they also enjoy creating outfits that match their mood.
Jaden Smith is an excellent example of letting your kids be who they are. All kids should be encouraged to try new looks. The great thing about clothing is that unlike tattoos or piercings, it's completely temporary and can change as a young adult goes through different phases of self-expression. Clothing doesn't hurt anyone, so if your child wants to experiment with their clothing, there's no harm in letting them go for it.
The only issue with Smith's Batman ensemble is where he wore it. While parent should strive to teach children to express themselves and not apologize for it, there is a difference between being true to yourself and knowing when to step back and let someone have their moment. One could argue that prom is about all students equally and someone else's weddings is their special day, so these are events where Jaden didn't have to draw quite so much attention to himself (never mind the fact that you should never, ever wear white to someone else's wedding).  
But overall, self-expression is a million times better than repressing who you are. You keep doing you, Jaden.
What do you think of Jaden's style?


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