Charlie Sheen's Crazy Antics Are Already Hurting His Kids

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We always knew Charlie Sheen's Twitter rants and other shenanigans would catch up to him ... but news has surfaced, sadly, that his outbursts have also carried some tough consequences for his kids.


Basically, Charlie's antics have destroyed his 10- and 11-year-old daughters' chances of getting into any top private school in the Los Angeles area.

"Sam and Lola have applied for admission at numerous private schools, and have been rejected at every single one," a source told Radar. "The girls have great grades, and test very well. Several of the schools made it clear there couldn’t be any risk of one of Charlie’s infamous tirades."

Case in point: In 2013, after allegedly finding out his daughter was being bullied at school, Charlie told his fans to plaster the facility in dog poop. So, I can kinda see where these schools are coming from!

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That said, I feel awful for his poor kids. They're not responsible for what their dad does, yet are suffering as a result.

Now, I think ideally, a parent's behavior should not impact their kid's educational opportunities. But let's get real, it does. It's sad but it happens, and not just in terms of acceptance at schools, but how kids are treated after they're accepted.

Once my husband (who has a temper) shouted as one of my 3-year-old daughter's teachers, and I told him he had to go back and give her the biggest, most groveling apology ever. Because even once you're accepted into a school, teachers may just not feel inspired go the extra mile for a child whose parents are major jerks.

Think of it like his: Ever just adore some friend of your child, but then realize you can't stand the mom? Or you adore the mom, but you can't stand her husband? As a result, did you then ditch the whole idea of double dates and group vacations?

Unfortunately kids aren't autonomous units you can buy a la carte -- you get the whole family with them. So, unless everyone plays nice, one bad apple like a Charlie Sheen can seriously throw a wrench in your social relations, school applications, the works. I just hope Charlie wakes up one day and changes his ways for the sake of his kids.

What do you think about kids being punished for their problematic parents?


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