Jessa Duggar Details Her Plans for a Gender Reveal

jessa and ben seewald

Ever since Jessa Duggar revealed that she had an ultrasound that clued her into the gender of her child, fans have been wondering: boy or girl? Well, the couple has finally 'fessed up her gender reveal plans.


So here go (drum roll please): Jessa and Ben plan to keep the baby's gender under wraps until the birth.

We know, we know ... this is such a disappointment to her fans, who are DYING with anticipation. But hey, what can you do?

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I, for one, think hiding the gender until the baby is born will be a fun surprise. Of course, I think it's really hard to keep something like that under wraps; all it takes is one slip-up where she says "he's kicking!" and it's over.

Still, though, I respect the sentiment -- it has an old-fashioned charm. Back in the day, parents didn't know the gender until birth, and it made this event even more exciting. So, let's try to see the bright side to being kept in the dark, okay?

What do you think about revealing the baby's gender at birth?


Image via jessaseewald/Instagram

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