Jessa Duggar Reveals the Holdup On Her Adoption Plans

jessa and ben seewald

Duggar fans know that Jessa Seewald has talked a lot about how she wants to adopt, but now she's finally come forward with the reason she and hubby Ben have put on the brakes.


So what's the holdup exactly? State-run adoption agencies require that the couple be married for a few years. Meanwhile, private agencies require that if there's a baby in the home already, he must be at least 9 months old.

So let's do the math: Jessa and Ben have been married less than one year. Meanwhile, Jessa is still pregnant with her first child, due in March. So that means the soonest they would even qualify to adopt is still a ways off.

"We still have another year to go," Jessa said at an ALIVE Christian Music Festival. "We've been looking into different options, maybe going through the state or a private adoption agency and that sort of thing."

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A year, huh? Well, I think Jessa is very brave to contemplate bringing home an adopted child with 9-month-old. Because a baby that age is crawling, getting into trouble, opening cabinets ... in short, it will be a true feat of mom-juggling to find time for that adopted kid. Why doesn't she just wait until her biological baby is 2 or 3 so he (or she) can fend for himself?

Then again, I can see the beauty in having two kids grow up together. They could bond and play together -- which might in a way be easier than trying to entertain an only child. Still, though, being a mom to two kids that young is a Herculean challenge. Hats off to Jessa for being willing to take it on!

When do you think is the best time to adopt a child?


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