Ryan Reynolds' Photo Reveals a Big Parenting No-No -- Can You Spot It?

If there's one thing we can't get enough of, it's dads enjoying being dads. Ryan Reynolds is obviously having a grand time with 6-month-old daughter James, and Blake Lively posted a sweet photo to Instagram to commemorate his first Father's Day.


Unfortunately, the Woman in Gold star was immediately jumped on by folks worried for his baby's safety -- but can you guess why? Take a look at this picture and try to spot why the Internet was hopping mad.

First off, may we please take a moment to appreciate Blake's humor with that caption? Second ... Ryan is wearing that sweet baby all wrong.

Granted, it's a mistake that countless parents make; it's just that Ry happens to be famous. Obviously he would never intentionally put his child at risk, and it hopefully goes without saying that Lively would never put him in a position to be criticized.

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So let's take this as a learning moment, and discuss what's wrong with how Ryan Reynolds is carrying his baby daughter. We'd love to let this slide, but for the sake of all parents making the exact same mistakes, we should probably go over why this is wrong.

James' feet are dangling out of the bottom of the carrier, and they're together. When baby's feet are pushed together in a carrier, it increases the risk of hip dysplasia, as their little hips are basically pushed out of their sockets. Instead, doctors recommend that baby carriers "support the thigh and allow the legs to spread to keep the hip in a stable position."

The other thing going wrong here is that James' head seems to be completely obscured. Babywearers always want to make sure they can see their infant's face, and keep their airways clear.

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All that being said, it's obvious that James is loved and adored by her parents, and getting daddy-bonding time like this is super important. And besides, the positioning might have just been for a moment for the photo op, as these famous parents haven't chosen to show off her face yet.

And who doesn't love a babywearing dad? I just can't be mad at Ryan Reynolds for wearing his baby in the incorrect position ... especially when it's a mistake that parents make every day. Let's just hope his flub will cause other parents to check twice that their babies are being carried correctly.

Have you ever committed a parenting faux pas?


Image via Ryan Reynolds/Instagram

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