Blake Lively Cracks Joke About Baby James' 'Real Father' (PHOTO)

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Amid all the mushy "happy Father's Day!" messages oozing out of the Internet recently, it was nice to see that at least one celeb mom has maintained her sense of humor: Blake Lively, who has a baby with Ryan Reynolds.


On Instagram Blake shared this photo of the proud dad with their baby James nestled in a front carrier. Dad looks great, but what really makes this post awesome is the caption.

"Happy Fathers Day!!!" Blake wrote. "Since the day our baby was born, I've felt so strongly in my heart that you were most likely the father."

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Now, jokes that poke fun at paternity may not be everyone's cup of tea. With some celeb couples, I could see a comment like this backfiring, badly. But with Blake and Ryan, this totally works. And just in case anyone might dare to think she's saying this seriously, she threw in every silly emoticon under the sun to drive home that it's a joke, people! As in, haha. Go ahead and laugh, it's okay.

To me, this wisecrack proves that this couple will be fantastic parents. Because after all, the only way to really cope with all those sleepless nights and diaper changing is to laugh about it, right?

Do you think paternity jokes are funny or offensive?


Image via blakelively/Instagram

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