Hilaria Baldwin Shows Off Her Belly Just 2 Days After Giving Birth (PHOTO)

Hilaria Baldwin postpartum selfie

Whether or not they’re moms, women can expect to be scrutinized from the moment they walk out of the door each day to the second they get home at night. Are they dressed the “right” way for their body type? Is there any cellulite or fat rolls showing? Can you tell that they’re human women and not plastic Barbie dolls? Celebrities are in for an extra dose of criticism, of course, but hopefully new mom Hilaria Baldwin won’t be taking any heat for going on Instagram to post a two-day post-partum selfie.


Baldwin, the wife of actor Alec Baldwin, gave birth to baby Rafael on June 17, and posted the bra-and-underwear shot of herself still in the hospital earlier today. Baldwin looks fabulous, despite or maybe because of the fact that she’s in a dour-looking hospital bathroom.

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She’s even smiling into the bathroom mirror in the picture, which is definitely not something I was doing two days post-partum. She posted the picture alongside her intention to document, realistically, what an immediately post-baby body actually looks like (albeit an extremely fit post-baby body that also happens to belong to a very rich person) and added the hashtags “#ShrinkingBaldwinBabyBump #NoShame #LoveYourBody” to go along with it.

I’m happy for Baldwin (as well as jealous of how good she looks) and I’m glad to see she’s reporting the baby is also in good health. What I’m less glad about is to see people hailing her selfie posting as “brave”. And it is brave – but it shouldn’t be. How depressing is it that a gorgeous, fit woman like Hilaria Baldwin should have to write “no shame” and be hailed as courageous just for taking an honest photograph of herself just two days after producing another human being?

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It’s incredibly depressing that we’re still at a point where a beautiful, thin woman with no visible stretch marks is still considered brave for having a cute little baby-tummy just two days post-partum. It’s depressing that people still think that women’s bodies are supposed to just magically shrink back down to their original size and shape right after giving birth -- or who become angry or disgusted when that somehow fails to happen.

Is Hilaria Baldwin brave for posting an honest photo of herself so soon after childbirth? Sure. She’s opening herself up to scrutiny and criticism from a whole world’s worth of peanut galleries. But the only reason we can hail her as brave in the first place is because of our colossally screwed-up expectations of women’s bodies. What would be really brave, and a lot more difficult, would be to try to dismantle those expectations from the top down.

What do you think of Baldwin’s selfie?

Image via hilariabaldwin / Instagram

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