'Sister Wives' Star Pregnant With Family's 18th Baby

robyn and kody brown

Big news for the Brown clan from TLC's Sister Wives: Robyn is pregnant!! That's right, Kody Brown's and his fourth wife are expecting their second child (son Solomon was born in 2011). This will be Robyn's fifth child altogether -- and Kody's 18th! Congrats, guys! No word yet on whether the new addition will be a boy or a girl, but one thing's for sure: Robyn will have plenty of extra hands to help with this new little bundle of joy.



Not only will there be 17 older siblings around to pitch in with diapers and the like, Robyn's got three other super-experienced moms (Meri, Janelle and Christine) within shouting distance whenever she's feeling overwhelmed with new mama duties. That's practically like having a full-time staff of rotating caregivers at your disposal! (Hmmm, maybe that's the whole appeal of plural marriage.)

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Sure, the Brown family is an unconventional one, and reality TV families aren't exactly getting the best press these days, what with the disastrous Duggar scandal and the ongoing decline of the Honey Boo Boo dynasty. And it's probably worth pointing out that Robyn hasn't always been the most beloved of the Brown wives, at least not by the other Brown wives: Her "new girl" status, combined with her tendency to get super emotional and needy, has definitely put her on the receiving end of plenty of eye rolls. (We wouldn't be surprised if Kody's recent decision to divorce first wife Meri and officially marry Robyn for health insurance purposes made for even more tension between the wives.)

But overall, it does seem as though the Brown women are there for each other no matter what -- and who doesn't love a new baby?! Meri, Janelle and Christine won't be able to resist! Seriously though, even if they just fed the big kids dinner a couple of nights a week, that would be a huge help for Robyn. (Can you imagine how much easier that would make life with a new baby? Somebody cooking for your other kids?? It's like a dream come true!)

Best wishes to the Browns on this exciting new chapter!

Do you think having sister wives would make life with a new baby easier? 


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