Michael Jackson's Son Forced to Change His Name

Blanket Jackson Whenever a celebrity saddles their baby with a particularly zany name -- which, let’s be honest, happens quite a bit -- people love to crack jokes about the eventual bullying that kid will endure. Now, it looks like all those awful predictions have finally come true. Michael Jackson’s youngest son, Blanket, has reportedly decided to change his name after enduring years of merciless teasing from his peers.


The change is reflected in the 13-year-old’s middle school yearbook, where he’s identified as Bigi instead of Blanket. Bigi is a German name that means idealistic, sensitive, and inspirational. Sources tell Radar the teen has always considered Blanket a stupid name and resented his father for calling him that because he couldn’t stand the constant bullying.

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Over the years, Bigi has endured a lot of abuse from his peers. Not only is he the son of a highly controversial pop legend, which already makes him a target for jealousy and gossip, but he’s also carried an unusual moniker that left him vulnerable to ridicule. When he began middle school this year at The Buckley School in Sherman Oaks, California, he decided enough was enough and started going by Bigi full time.

You can’t help but feel bad for the kid. He’s dealt with the very public loss of his father, tons of speculation about his life and his family, and absurd amounts of gossip and scrutiny. On top of all that he has to deal with bullying over something as silly as a name?

There’s no doubt naming trends have taken a turn for the wild and absurd, and it’s not just celebrities. Even “normal” people are pushing the bounds of tradition and coming up with new, increasingly unique names. It’s easy to pass judgment and make jokes at the expense of the kids who are made to carry these names, but is that really fair? Should your name really be that big of a deal?

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Every name that exists today had to be invented by someone. Blanket is kind of a weird thing to call a human, but hey, the name Michael was probably weird once upon a time too. You should have the freedom to go by whatever name you want, and you definitely shouldn’t have to change it just because other people don’t like it. If Blanket wants to be Bigi, more power to him, but we should teach our kids to be accepting of people, regardless. Names come and go, but bullying is pretty much always uncool.

What do you think of people who give their kids unusual names?


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