Jessa Duggar Breaks Family Tradition With Baby Bump Selfie (PHOTO)

jessa duggar

Now 20 weeks along, Jessa Duggar has decided to celebrate this pregnancy mid-point by showing off her baby bump. And we were surprised to see that the resulting selfie is quite a departure from family tradition.


Her sister Jill, for instance, took a more formal and premeditated approach to her baby bump pics, holding a chalkboard sign announcing how far along she was. She even posed in the same spot, in the same way, for a series of shots, week by week. The only thing that changes from photo to photo is the size of her bump!

Jessa's baby bump pic, on the other hand, seem far less formal. Check it out below:

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First off, is that her closet? It almost looks like she was getting dressed that morning and thought, "What the heck, let's snap a picture of my bump" And voila, there it is.

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And I hafta say, I like her approach. Because I feel like moms who take a regimented approach to their baby bump pics -- say, by doing the same pose, same spot, week after week -- may feel pressured to continue taking these shots on up until they give birth. What's more, these moms may feel more pressure to share these pics, too.

Only what you don't feel like flaunting your baby bump one week? What if, at week 36, you look in the mirror and think, "Aghhh, this is awful!" and want to keep your body under wraps?

With a less formal approach like Jessa's, you're off the hook ... which may come in handy one of these days during that long, hard road of pregnancy when you're not feeling your best.

How did you do your "baby bump" pics?


Image via jessaseewald/Instagram

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