Lingerie Model Sarah Stage Fires Back in War Over Her Breastfeeding Photos

Sarah Stage breastfeedingYou probably remember Sarah Stage as the gorgeous model who felt the wrath of jealous women anywhere when she posted photos of her six pack abs at eight months pregnant. Despite complete strangers on the internet swearing the baby would suffer as a result of her appearance, Stage’s adorable son was born perfectly healthy. But Stage is once again causing tongues to cluck and fingers to wag, this time for posting breastfeeding photos on her Instagram account.


Stage’s Instagram is filled with pictures of herself in revealing outfits; after all, she is a lingerie model. But it’s the beautiful images of her feeding her son that have sparked outrage. Her followers apparently have no problem with a woman showcasing her breasts in swimsuit selfies, but throw the perfectly natural and normal act of breastfeeding into the mix and they are shocked and appalled.

Rather than remove the images or edit them, Stage posted another gorgeous breastfeeding photo:

Notice that caption? “If you don't like this pic, just unfollow me. No need to hate on a beautiful moment with my son. #normalizebreastfeeding.”

Even though Stage handled the controversy surrounding her photos like a boss, the incident tells us two things. First, that acid wash jeans are making a comeback, so go grab that pair you’ve had waiting in the back of the closet since high school, and second, that no matter what you look like or how famous you are, moms are judged by society for the choices they make concerning their bodies.

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Even though not all moms have thousands of Instagram followers, when you get pregnant you open yourself up to the floodgates of unsolicited comments from people about your body and what you do with it. Whether it's remarks from coworkers, family or friends, people feel free to weigh in on the weight we gain (or don't) during pregnancy. Our eating habits become fodder for public commentary and people even feel entitled to tell us if we are working out too much or not enough.

The public scrutiny doesn’t end once you have the baby. Rather than focus on things that actually matter, like how you’re handling the adjustment to caring to a newborn, if you’re getting enough sleep or whether you’re struggling with post partum depression, people chime in with their options about how quickly we should be losing the baby weight. No matter how we choose to feed our babies, we’re doing it wrong. We’re told that feeding our baby formula means we don’t care about our baby’s health and if we dare to breastfeed in public, we’re accused of impairing the morals of men everywhere. Breastfeeding is a struggle for so many mothers, so for those women who are willing and capable of it, if there must be a public conversation about it, it should be one of support, not shame.

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Stage's attitude is a reminder to us all that we don't have to sit back and be silent while others tell us what we should and shouldn’t be doing with our bodies.

What do you think of Sarah's photos?


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