Molly Sims Confesses Her 11-Week-Old Has Only Cried 6 Times -- Poor Baby!

Molly SimsYou might think you’ve got a great baby, but Molly Sims wants you to know hers is probably better. The model and actress told People this week that she has a gift for baby-making because, get this: her newborn daughter supposedly never cries.


Sims, who was already the mom of a 3-year-old boy, gave birth to her daughter, Scarlett, just 11 weeks ago and claims it’s been pretty quiet around the house ever since. As she put it in People, “I don’t know why, but I make calm babies. She’s probably cried six times in her life! I have no idea how.”

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It’s most likely an exaggeration. Notice she says "probably." But even so, Sims is hardly the first celebrity mom to paint the “perfect baby” portrait for the curious masses. Not only are celebs beautiful, rich, and talented, but apparently they’re also immune to all the things us normal moms struggle with like stress, sleep deprivation, and infants who cry. I can appreciate a mom trying to stay positive and fully admit that yes, some kids are easier than others.

Still, newborns are difficult, and the transition from one kid to two kids is no joke, and it’d be nice if celebrity moms could ever just tell it like it is. Even if you have the calmest baby in the entire world, that baby has certainly cried more than six times in her life.

What’s wrong with that?

Whenever I see comments like these from celebrities, I just picture the struggling parents who are up all night with colicky babies, latching issues, and little ones who refuse to sleep. I think about moms who are dealing with depression or other issues. I wonder if they read these things and think they’re doing something wrong or that they got one of the dreaded “bad” babies. It’s nonsense to compare ourselves to celebrities, but it’s also impossible not to.

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We’re bombarded with information about their perfect bodies and perfect lives. It’s difficult to look away. If Molly Sims’ daughter really has cried only six times in her life, then she deserves some sort of metal and possibly a check-up because that can’t be normal. I’m willing to bet, though, that it’s actually been far more than that and the statement could have been avoided all together. Your baby can still be calm and awesome, even if it does that weird crying thing like all the other kids.

How often does your baby cry?


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