Reality Star Is Taking Serious Heat for Photo of Baby & Gun

Taylor Lil Bit Wright babyAny photo that captures the mess and exhaustion of infant life is one to which I can relate. Sleeping sideways across the bed? Been there. Child in a bouncy seat all night? Done that. Gun on the nightstand? Um, not so much. Reality star Taylor ‘Lil Bit’ Wright showed off all three on social media and despite the firestorm of criticism, she’s not backing down from her right to bear arms around her newborn. 


Check out the photo that's causing the commotion:

#parentlife lol lol lol #goodmornin #fussygassybaby #waitinonapoop but on the bright side, Nash is starting to only wake up around 4am & 7/8am!!! #WAYbetterthanevery2hours #thankyajesus @_daltonelliott

Posted by Taylor Wright- Lil Bit on Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Party Down South star explains that she has the gun by her side because she’s worried about her response time after her C-section. If someone breaks in to her house, she says she’s ready to unload her weapon to protect herself and her family. Is this really the only way we know how to defend ourselves?

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I live in NYC. I brought my first baby home to an apartment on a street that filled a police blotter with petty theft, public urination and prostitution. I worried about our safety, but it never once crossed my mind to buy a gun to guard against what was going on outside our home. I cannot comprehend gun culture, yet just because I don’t understand doesn’t mean it’s wrong. What makes this kind of gun mentality dangerous is when children get involved. Although data is difficult to compile due to failure to report and no specific agency charged with the task, experts estimate one to two accidental deaths at the hands of children in the U.S. per week. Per week. Those numbers tell an explicit story that guns are a hazard around our children.

It is deeply unsettling that parents are arrested for letting their children sleep on the porch after repeatedly disobeying household rules or that Child Protective Services are involved when parents let their children walk to a playground alone, but yet Wright’s supporters see nothing wrong with an unattended gun on her nightstand. Have any kids died from sleeping on their porches after missing curfew last year? How many children were harmed by walking in their neighborhood alone? I can’t imagine why anyone believes a handgun next to infant gas drops handled by an exhausted parent is safer or more defensible than letting kids go to a playground unsupervised, yet that’s what U.S. laws tell us.

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Since posting the picture, Wright has come out to say she keeps her gun in her diaper bag and directed horrified parents to refer to the Second Amendment. It’s true that the constitution, a document I once held in the highest regard as I studied to become a lawyer, supports the right to keep and bear arms, but for me, protecting my child from needless accidental death is far more important that keeping a gun because some old white guys said it was important hundreds of years ago. One look at our modern lives and the harm we see at the hands of guns should tell us what’s truly a danger to our children.

What do you think of the photo?


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