Kelly Clarkson Reveals Perfect Plan for a Second Pregnancy

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Singer Kelly Clarkson may be on tour while juggling her 11-month-old daughter River at home with husband Brandon Blackstock, but that's not stopping the mom from saying she wants to get pregnant, again, and pretty darn soon!


Even though she's said, "It's hard being a woman and wanting kids and fitting in your career," she's already slated in time for making baby #2.

"After tour I want to start (trying) for the next one," Kelly has told the press. The reason? "I want them to be close together" in age.

Given her daughter River isn't even a year old, she is one brave mom to want to juggle two such young kids at once! But, while it's hard on mom -- particularly a working mom -- I get why she wants kids around the same age, since they can amuse each other. So, perhaps she's making things easier on herself down the road.

And this is just more proof that Kelly is one bad-ass mama. Case in point: She's gotten slammed for her weight gain, but she she seems completely unfazed by all the criticism, since she's gung-ho to gain more weight by getting pregnant again!

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And that makes Kelly our hero. Because let's face it: Unless you slave away at the gym, it's really hard to get your body to bounce back to its old self after pregnancy. And moms get way too much flack for not shedding those post-pregnancy pounds in a heartbeat -- so much so that many may feel nervous about what will happen to their bodies with pregnancy #2.

We hope Kelly's "who cares what people think about my body?" attitude will rub off on other moms, and convince them to stop being so hard on themselves when it comes to their post-baby weight, and everything else that comes with mom territory.

How soon after your first baby did you want to get pregnant again?


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