Jill Duggar Shares Happy Baby News Amidst Family Scandal

jill dillard and baby israel

Things are tough for the Duggars right now with Josh Duggar's molestation scandal, but that didn't stop proud mom Jill Duggar from celebrating a major milestone for baby Israel: his 2-month birthday!


And we hafta say, the photo she posted on Instagram is soooo cuuute! Gotta love that t-shirt Baby Israel is wearing that's emblazoned with his new age. And look at how much he's grown!

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I think this is a great lesson that when times are rocky for a family -- be it due to a recent death, impending divorce, financial troubles or otherwise -- it's all the more important to celebrate your child's milestones and happy moments.

The reason: No matter how bad things may seem, life does go on, and there are always good things amid the bad when you look for them. And that's especially true when you've got a child who's breaking new ground every day -- first smile, first word, first high five, 2-month mark, 6-month mark ... now, how can that not make you want to smile and mark the occasion in some manner, even if it's just by snapping some adorable pics?

I hope baby Israel's 2-month birthday helps the family (and their fans) shift their perspective to the positive.

Have you celebrated a child's milestone during tough times?


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