New Dad Macklemore Just Made Every Babywearing Mom Swoon (PHOTO)


Ben Haggerty, better known as Macklemore, and his fiancee Tricia Davis had a baby just a few weeks ago and the proud papa was seen babywearing his little one. It's quite an adorable sight -- seeing a dad babywearing might be one of the top things that makes a woman's heart melt. Check it out for yourself.


Spotted in Seattle >> look what Macklemore is wearing!

Posted by KING 5 on Thursday, June 4, 2015

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Could you just .... I mean ....

This guy is tops. Macklemore (along with Ryan Lewis and Mary Lambert) is well-known for his incredible song Same Love, which is about marriage equality, acceptance, and love. Everybody sing it now: "My love my love my love she keeps me warm."

Now Macklemore knows a different kind of love -- the love a parent has for their child. What a beautiful time in his life to be getting to know his little one.

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While I know he looks a little tired -- what new parent isn't -- he looks so happy. I love how he has chosen to be a babywearing dad. His little bundle must be so happy all snuggled up close to dad, listening to his heartbeat, feeling so protected. I think all new dads need to show off their babywearing skills, don't you?

Now that we have Macklemore babywearing, what other dads do you wish to see wearing their baby?

Image via SF ImageSPACE/Splash News

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