'Elle' Breastfeeding Mom Nicole Trunfio Pulls a Gisele in New Nursing Photo

nicole trunfio

Model Nicole Trunfio, now famous for breastfeeding on the cover of Elle Australia, has come out with a new breastfeeding pic that may look all too familiar: She's copied Gisele Bundchen's iconic pose of breastfeeding while getting dolled up.


Behold the splendor of a model mom's workday below, as Nicole tends to the needs of her baby while her glam squad hovers around her. Beautiful, right?

Work! � Love this glam squad @jodieboland @thomasdunkin1 @ingefonteyne

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Here's Gisele's pose for comparison:

Now, I hafta admit: When I first saw Gisele's breastfeeding photo, I didn't like it, because I don't like Gisele. Her whole "there should be a law that moms must breastfeed" seems totally unrealistic and harsh; I think moms should have a right to choose whether to breastfeed or not.

In comparison, I liked Nicole's photo because I like Nicole. She didn't just ram breastfeeding down our throats. As the story goes, she was just a working mom who happened to bring her baby to a photo shoot and started breastfeeding. The photographer kept shooting what would happen to become an iconic Elle cover.

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Still, seeing Nicole's homage to Gisele does make me soften up on Gisele a bit. She may be harsh, but in the grand scheme of things her heart's in the right place: She helped normalize breastfeeding. In fact, Gisele was the pioneer who paved the way for Nicole and others to follow in her footsteps! (Alyssa Milano has also copied Gisele's breastfeeding pic, too.)

Sure, these are models and their depiction of breastfeeding is one that we regular working moms could never mimic: They're gorgeous and able to breastfeed their kids at work, two things very much out of reach for the rest of us. Still, though, I think it's a step forward for breastfeeding. The more breastfeeding is out there in the public eye, the more normal it will become ... and that's good for all of us.

What do you think of these images?


Image via nictrunfio/Instagram; giseleofficial/Instagram

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