Simon Cowell Thinks He's Too Good to Change His 15-Month-Old's Diapers

simon cowell

Celeb dad Simon Cowell says he's thrilled fathering his 15-month-old son Eric with Lauren Silverman -- so much so he'd love to have another child! Which sounds sweet, until you hear another tidbit about this X Factor judge: He's never changed his son's diaper.


Scuse me? I understand if dads leave the majority of child care duties to the mom if she's got more time on her hands. But even if the mom is the primary caregiver, that doesn't mean dad should be able to wash his hands of diaper duty completely.

Because think about it: Diaper-changing happens every few hours -- dad must be around at one of those points. Plus it's insanely simple to change a diaper -- it's not rocket science. How can a dad avoid occasionally saying, "I've got this one honey"?

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To me, I have to assume that the reason Simon is so hands off with diapers is due to what's inside them. Well, I think he should get over it! It's not some random poop; it's his own child's. He should just roll up his sleeves, hold his nose, and get his hands dirty, for god's sake.

One story I relish about my own dad was that he thought my poopy diapers were cute. And I hafta say, I sometimes felt the same way about my own daughter's diapers, too. I'm not saying all parents need to go this far, but to me, no parent has a right to not deal with poop. It's a rite of passage.

How do you feel about dads who never change diapers?


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