Jessica Simpson's Photo of Her 3-Year-Old Raises Eyebrows (PHOTO)

jessica simpson daughter in swimsuit

Jessica Simpson is getting a lot of heat for posting a photo on Instagram of her 3-year-old daughter Maxwell in a swimsuit -- posed much like mom would with her hand on her little hip. Many commentators thought it was cute, but a couple had harsher things to say.


So how harsh are we talking about? Well, one commentator called zerrisen said, "Nice, sexualizing a three year old. Fucking freak." Ouch!

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Meanwhile another commentator called priscilla.jones pointed out, "I'd like to see her pose as herself. That hand on the hip is not good." 


A photo posted by Jessica Simpson (@jessicasimpson) on

Yet these snide comments also sparked an even bigger backlash in poor Jessica's defense. According to mendozapatience, "Only a pedophile would see this as sexualizing a toddler and not see the innocence." Meanwhile tachita80 pointed out, "Dude she's a kid! People are so judgemental and quick to say harsh comments like that. Ugh."

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To me, this photo of Maxwell seems totally sweet -- sure, her pose with her hand on her hip may be her trying to look "adult," but it's an innocent gesture on her end.

But in a grander sense, all of this hubbub has me thinking: Geez, can't a mom post ANY pic of her daughter in a swimsuit without someone taking it the wrong way? No matter how innocent it may seem to the mom and most people, someone's going to rip it to shreds ... and that's sad. 

All I can say is I probably won't be posting any photos of my 4-year-old daughter in a swimsuit anytime soon.

What do you think of this photo of Maxwell?


Image via jessicasimpson/Instagram

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