Kate Gosselin Doesn't Trust Her Kids With Her Phone Number

kate gosselin

Reality star Kate Gosselin gets a lot of flack for the way she treats her kids, but the latest accusation seems truly non-mom-like: She left her kids for four days (with a nanny) and didn't leave them her phone number.


Her reason? According to insiders, she's dating wealthy businessman Jeff Prescott, and doesn't want to be disturbed. Plus she doesn't trust the kids with her number, fearing that someone outside the family will get their hands on it and call her willy-nilly.

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Huh? If this allegation is true, then Kate has just sunk to a new low in my book. Her explanation that "she doesn't trust her kids with the number" doesn't hold water, since she could have just given her number to the nanny and made her swear to keep it under wraps and use it only in the event of an emergency.

I understand that moms need their alone time ... but what if one of her children had an accident and ended up in the hospital? When kids are truly in trouble they need their moms. As a mom, I'd never forgive myself for not being there for my kid if she was in distress.

I hope Kate wakes up and realizes that getting her alone time is fine, but going MIA isn't something moms should do.

How do you feel about moms who leave their kids with no way to reach them?


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