Poor George Clooney Has to Answer Questions About Amal Getting Pregnant

George ClooneyOur everyday lives might not have much in common with the lives of celebrities, but one thing most of us are familiar with is endless questioning about marriage and babies. While we get these kinds of questions from our Aunt Sylvia on Thanksgiving, for celebrities Thanksgiving is every day, and Aunt Sylvia is the entire planet. George Clooney, the long-time bachelor, got married over the summer to Amal Alamuddin thereby giving himself a break from being asked if he's ever going to get married again. Unfortunately for George, getting married brings on the baby question.


In the beginning he was pretty good-humored about it -- the way most of us are. "Maybe some day," "I'm not sure," and "We're not thinking about that now," -- all excellent go-to answers for the private and annoyed. However, Clooney is apparently getting tired of it and has started getting curt with reporters who ask the questions about when Amal will get pregnant and he'll become a dad. Now he's turned to "thanks for asking."

Oh, George. We feel your pain.

When you're single, people want to know if you're dating anyone. When you're dating, they want to know if you're going to get married. And when you get married, they start asking when you're going to have a baby. Having done all of those things myself, I'm not sure what question comes next. Maybe people will start sidling up to me and ask, “So...do you think you're going to die at home or in a hospital?”

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The worst part of these questions is that they never end. There is no way out of them. George could have his penis cut off, and people would just ask if he was planning to adopt. Even if you have a kid, it doesn't end because then the question becomes whether you are planning to have more. The only way out is to either definitively state that neither one of you wants kids and you are not going to have them (and even then, people are going to wonder if you'll change your mind) or to die.

Sorry, George. This is your life till Amal turns 60.

As obnoxious as all of this can be for men, women get the extra scrutiny of the “Bump Watch.” Your body gets analyzed and becomes the subject of debate, whether it's in People Magazine or at your parent's anniversary party. If you gain weight, people think you're pregnant. If you wear a loose top, people think you're pregnant. If you say no to wine, walk past the toy aisle at Target, or hold someone else's child, you're pregnant.

So as bad as we feel for you, George, we want to give Amal a beer and a hug because there's a long road of irritation ahead of her.

Do you feel sorry for Clooney? What would you say in his shoes?


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