Jillian Michaels Thinks Teens Should Get Plastic Surgery Like She Did​

jillian michaelsJillian Michaels, 41, had some positive things to say about getting plastic surgery at 16. We're talking about that other plastic surgery, the one no one seems to be phased by much anymore -- the nose job. Michaels is a mom to two kids though her son Phoenix and daughter Lukensia are too young to understand the procedure, there may be a day they too want a nose job ... or another procedure. As a parent, I would feel devastated if my child wanted plastic surgery to feel better about him- or herself.


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Many feel that a nose job is not a big deal -- so many of my friends has nose jobs when they were in their teens. For some, it was like ear piercing -- when you get to a certain age, it's time to have the procedure done. But it's still plastic surgery. It's still changing the whole look of your face. As a parent, I would feel it's my fault my son or daughter had a nose they hated. (We blame ourselves for everything, don't we?) I created them, maybe gave them my less-than-perfect nose or didn't help them have enough confidence in their looks to ignore the bullying.

But we all know that bullying is awful. And difficult to get through.

Michaels said that having a nose job helped make her feel more confident and that it changed her life after being bullied about it. She said, "Not to say you should let your physicality define you, but there are some things that can make people feel really insecure. So, if there is something you want to fix that allows you to feel a little bit more confident, I support it. I think it's about [doing it for] the right reasons."

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That's something to think about. If a surgery can help your child feel better about herself, potentially end bullying, give your kid a boost of confidence that they are able to take control of a situation and do something about it, then it seems worth it. Still, I would feel sad if the day comes that my child tells me that she hates her nose so much that she wants to change it. It could be her nose, her lips, her thighs, her life. We want our kids to be happy as they are -- but that's not always the case. If we have the means (within reason) to help them make a change so they can live happier lives, then that is worth considering.

Has you child ever talked about getting a nose job or other plastic surgery? How do you think you would react if she did?


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