Michelle Duggar Could Be Pregnant Any Day Now (VIDEO)

michelle and jimmy bob duggar

Proud parents Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar may have 19 kids and a growing brood of grandchildren, but that doesn't mean this couple's done having kids of their own. On the contrary, they've said they're "still trying" to conceive, too.


Well, of course she is! As far as grandmas go, Michelle is on the young side, and only in her late forties. So, having another child is not impossible by any means.

And provided Michelle gets the necessary checkups and such to ensure the health of herself and any babies-to-be, I think she should be an inspiration for older women to keep trying.

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I even think even younger women could learn from Michelle's "if it happens it happens" attitude. Pregnancy is such a hit-or-miss endeavor, it's good to accept the cards that you're dealt.

Hear more from the couple below:

How do you feel about women trying to conceive in their late forties?


Image via The 700 Club/YouTube

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