Jill Duggar's Birth Really Upset Sister Jessa's Pregnancy Plans

jill and jessa duggar

Rumor has it that Jill and Jessa Duggar are fighting again! This time, it's reportedly due to the fact that Jessa was forced to delay her pregnancy announcement to avoid hogging the spotlight on her sister Jill's birth.


Jill gave birth to baby Israel in early April, and Jessa followed later that month with news she was expecting. So yeah, that is a little close for comfort! And when you're in a publicity machine like the Duggars family, it makes sense to space out these big announcements to garner the most attention possible!

Still, though, on a personal level, I can see why this would be tough for these sisters. Pregnancy and birth are such big, life-changing events that it's understandable that they'd be dying to share the news as soon as they wanted to. Yet at the same time, I can see why it makes sense to space them out, and not just because you're on a reality show. 

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For instance: If I were pregnant, I would not share that news on the day my sister was celebrating something huge in her own life, like her wedding or the birth of her child. I would hold off on calling attention to myself and let sis soak it up; the nice thing about pregnancies is that they last a long time; so a pregnancy announcement can wait! 

I think it's common courtesy to allow women some time to bask in the glory before people move on to something else. So, as hard as it is, I think it was wise for Jessa to wait a bit. Ultimately she did herself a favor, since once she did announce her pregnancy, the news wasn't lumped in with sis. So, all's well that ends well ... at least until the next sibling rivalry.

Did you hold off on announcing your pregnancy to avoid hogging the spotlight from someone else?


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