Jon Gosselin Files for Custody of One of His 8 Kids

jon gosselin

The drama continues for Kate Gosselin! Her ex-husband Jon, whom she divorced in 2009, has filed for custody of one of their kids: 11-year-old daughter Hannah. 


While the reasons for this move are unclear, outsiders/media are speculating up a storm, and most are pointing their fingers at the obvious target: Kate. That's pretty common in all divorces: When a kid changes houses, people talk and point fingers and label one parent as "bad."

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But in my mind, this situation is no one's fault. Because when it comes to divorce, it's rarely that black and white. So I think that instead of tsk-tsking and judging Kate, people should try to show some compassion and just say, "Geez, that must be tough for everyone."

Because it is tough -- particularly for Kate, who probably IS blaming herself and wondering what she's done wrong. However harsh people are on moms, moms are much harder on themselves, when most are just trying to do their best.

Why do you think Hannah is changing houses?


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