Jill Duggar’s Baby Israel Looks So Big for 5 Weeks in New Photo

Remember all those months when the only thing that brought us joy was a baby bump update from Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard? Sigh. Us too. We thought we had seen the last of that bitty chalk board for a while, but Derick posted a photo of Jill in the baby bump pose once again ... except this time, she has a baby!


The photo has Jill holding Israel where her bump used to be, and let us just say one more time: that baby is huuggeee. Tell us we're wrong:

Enormous, but cute. SO CUTE. Derick said in the caption that they wouldn't be doing these weekly photos until Iz is 18 ... but really, would it be so horrible if they did?  It's a great way for ALL moms to document their kids growing up.

Everyone says the time moves too fast, anyways. So, yeah! Take as many photos as you want, guys.

And really, how cute would this look next to Jill's five week pregnancy photo in a baby book? It would look a little somethin' liikkeee:

Eh? Not bad, right? You have my permission to use that, Jill. 

It can just keep going, too -- how sweet would it be to see Jill's pregnancy photos lined up next to photos of Israel in his first nine months of life? (Or nine years? Too much? Too much.)

Plus, we'll take every photo of Israel we can get. We want to see him grow up, too!

Did you try and take as many photos with your baby as you did while you were pregnant?


Image via DerickDillard/Instagram


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