Jill & Jana Duggar Help Bring Another Baby Into the World (VIDEO)

jill duggar derick dillardLong before she was ever a mom, or even pregnant, Jill Duggar was helping to deliver babies. The midwifery student has assisted in over 100 births, including that of a crew member! When the family embarked on their China trip, they were joined by crew member Scott and his very pregnant wife, Courtney, who has long worked on the show. And as a surprise to the whole family, Jill and Jana actually helped to deliver the baby.


As we saw on last night's behind-the-scenes show, the sisters sprung into action when Courtney's water broke and were with her every step of the way during the labor and delivery.

Jill, who had been studying the subject at the time, was ever-prepared with her handy midwife kit. And thankfully, baby Leah arrived safe and sound:

If there's anything we learned through Jill's own later pregnancy with baby Israel, it's that Mom and Dad are on baby's time. Baby chooses when he or she wants to arrive. Whether it's two weeks late, like Jill, or on a trip, like Courtney, it's all about being prepared and ready to jump into action whenever the time comes.

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And dad got the job done, too. As a television producer, he knew exactly the right thing to do: film the birth! There have been plenty of babies born on the show, so it's only fitting that this one is captured as well.

Congratulations to the family!

Are you surprised Jill and Jana jumped in like that?


Image via TLC

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