'Bachelorette' Emily Maynard's Baby Name Is Not a Hit With Her Husband

emily maynard

Former Bachelorette Emily Maynard has revealed her baby-to-be's gender: It's a boy! And whatever name she and her husband Tyler Johnson pick, she'll be calling the shots. 


"I told Tyler that [if] he gets to pick the last name for everybody, then I should pick the first name, and if he wanted to pick the first name, then it can take my last name and be a Maynard!" Emily joked. "He did not like that. We're still compromising."

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I hafta say, I think Emily's decision to stake her claim on the first name is genius. After all, if her husband gets to pick the last name, it's only fair she get the first, doncha think?

I know tradition says that kids should take their dad's last name anyway, but times are a-changing -- so if that happens, I think moms should get something in return for their sacrifice. After all, we're doing 95 percent of the baby-making work! So, by that tally, we deserve 95 percent of the naming privileges. In other words, I think moms should call the shots with the first and last name. That's certainly how I felt after 12 hours of labor! Nonetheless, my daughter ended up with dad's last name and a mutually decided on first one, so I clearly got the short end of the deal there.

Which is why I'm glad to see Emily change the rules and demand 50 percent of naming privileges. By my account, what moms go through, that's plenty generous.

How did you and your partner agree on a baby name?

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