Lindsay Lohan Gets a Job at a Daycare & Absolutely Nothing Could Go Wrong There

Lindsay Lohan may be in some deep trouble, as it looks like she's not going to finish her community service requirement stemming from a 2012 reckless driving incident. She's only completed nine hours and 45 minutes, and needs to finish 125 by May 28. Here's the even crazier part -- Lohan will perform the community service at a Brooklyn daycare center.


Oh that sounds like a fantastic idea, doesn't it? Yup, the tots at Duffield Children's Center will reportedly asking for Lilo's help with crafts and pouring juice into tiny paper cups at snack time, because who better to take care of small children than Lindsay Lohan?

Hasn't she already proven her irresponsibility by putting off her community service this long? And it's not a small thing -- if she doesn't finish it, she's looking at spending time behind bars to finish out her probation sentence. She's had years to avoid going to jail, but she's just now taking care of things?

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Oyza. While we're at it, why is childcare even an option for community service? This isn't a job that just needs doing, like picking up trash or cleaning public restrooms -- it's taking care of little kids. It's a hard enough job when you actually have a calling for it and it's your real job, why would it be an option for people like Lohan who are completing court-ordered community service?

No thanks. Preschoolers need attentive caregivers who can handle their inevitable breakdowns with patience and kindness. Not someone who is only there because a judge ordered them to be.

I'm sure she'll be highly supervised, so I'm not worried about the kids, but the whole notion just doesn't make any sense to me. She might even be more of a liability than an asset. When it comes to my kids, I'd rather their caregiver them the attention I can't when I not with them ... not giving a troubled young actress the side-eye.

Would you let Lindsay Lohan watch your kids?


Image via Lindsay Lohan/Instagram

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