Kate Gosselin Says Her Parenting Is Just as Good as Yours

Kate Gosselin

Kate Gosselin gets criticized a ton for the way she raises her twins and sextuplets on Kate Plus 8, but she's not taking it lying down. During her Mother's Day special, she dished it right back by criticizing her critics. 


"I know the world is now watching me parent alone," she says, referring to her divorce from her ex-hubby Jon Gosselin in 2009. "The criticism has been very harsh, the accusations have been insanely hurtful and absurd. But the bottom line is, I know I am doing the best for my children first and foremost. I'm always doing the best that I know how … have your opinions cause no one does everything right." See more below:

Regardless of what I think of her parenting practices, I have to agree with her general defense: No one has a right to judge any parent, because no one does everything right ... even when they're caring for one kid. With eight? As a single mom? Mistakes probably happen on an hourly basis. As long as her kids don't end up dead, I think we should just be in awe of this mom for keeping it all together.

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But I also think that if you're a mom who's chosen to be in the spotlight, you're bound to be criticized a ton. So, I also think it would be wise for Kate's own sanity to not take all the criticism to heart. It may sting, but don't let it get you all bent out of shape!

And while it may be tempting for Kate to stand up for herself and say, "Hey, I'm doing my best," I fear this may just add fuel to the fire and call attention to the things she wants everyone to ignore!

Bottom line: If Kate's true priority is to be a good mom, then she should try to not care so much about what anyone thinks ... other than her eight kids.

How do you feel about Kate Gosselin's parenting decisions?


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