Jill Duggar Goes All Out for Baby Israel's First Month 'Birthday'

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After his much-anticipated arrival, Baby Dilly is finally reaching his big milestones. Yesterday, parents Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard celebrated a highlight in the little (big) man's life: It was Israel's one-month birthday.


Naturally, both parents took to Instagram to share their huge moment. And Baby Dilly looks like he's clearly enjoying his time with Mom and Dad:

Hard to believe he's one month old already, isn't it?

When Jill was expecting her first, we saw tons of weekly and monthly updates on her baby bump and pregnancy progress. The couple celebrated every big moment in their pregnancy, so it's no surprise that they're keeping the trend going now that Israel has been born.

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And the first month is a huge moment to remember. It's not only baby's first month of life, it's also Mom and Dad's first month of parenthood. It's been filled with sleepless nights and constant care, but it can certainly fly by. Acknowledging these little moment is great for not only celebrating the little one's birth, but even the parents' work.

Happy one-month birthday, Israel!

Did you celebrate little milestones like this?


Image via jillmdillard/Instagram

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