Kate Middleton Asks Paparazzi to Leave Baby Charlotte Alone

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton and Prince William have apparently had it up to here with the paparazzi hounding their new daughter, and in a very British fashion, they had polite letters delivered to all the photographers outside their home asking them to leave Princess Charlotte and their family alone, please.


(And exactly no one is surprised by their request.)

Every royal toe that steps onto public property is obsessed over by photographers, and the Royal Family accepts that fate gracefully. But they want to be left alone on their private property, and they're getting (politely) pushy about it.

And, well ... yeah. Yeah! They deserve to have their home to themselves, and they shouldn't have to share Princess Charlotte's every precious breath with photographers and the rest of the world.

William and Kate's main complaint is the use of long telephoto lenses that allow photographers to snoop on their private estate from public land.

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Technically, that's all legal, as long as the photographers are careful to keep off of public property. But roads, sidewalks, trees, and whatever else they can find are all fair game.

It's when the photographers get pushy that they get into trouble, and the Royal Family has won many lawsuits in the past after being "harassed" by paparazzi.

Most recently, William and Kate pressed charges last fall against photographers who were stalking Prince George and his nanny in a London park. Because, c'mon, George deserves enough privacy to grow up with as normal of a childhood as he can get.

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Prince William is notoriously impatient with photographers ... which makes total sense, because his mother, Princess Diana, died in a mid-car chase with paparazzi. And they haven't been too nice to his wife, either. (We won't even mention the topless photo scandal.)

Photojournalism is so, so important when it comes to NEWS content, but following around people so you can sell photos of them when all they're trying to do is go about their daily lives is rude. (And morally questionable, if you ask me.)

Give it a rest, guys.

Do you think Princess Charlotte deserves a childhood away from the paparazzi?


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