Jessa Duggar Gets Off Easy When It Comes to Morning Sickness

jessa duggar

Some pregnant ladies get all the luck -- take Jessa Duggar. Sources say that aside from one rough three-week patch, she's barely been sick, and currently appears to be completely over morning sickness.


Short of childbrith itself, morning sickness is the thing all moms dread -- so Jessa must be very relieved. Morning sickness really does seem to run the gamut for moms, from non-stop nausea to nada. I only got sick once during my pregnancy, but once was enough!

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Jessa is particularly fortunate since her sister Jill Dillard endured terrible morning sickness. And while mom Michelle claims she didn't throw up much, she did feel sick on and off all day, which sounds miserable. I'd almost prefer to get it over with and throw up already! 

Meanwhile, it seems the worst that Jessa has endured is feeling tired and hungry (which explains her recent Arby's run). So it looks like so far so good.

The couple's due date is November 1, which is also their wedding anniversary.

How long did your morning sickness last?

Image via jessaseewald/Instagram

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